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pick yourself up
up out of the struggle
there's a better way
to live life and be humble
you can learn to get it
through a diff hustle
use all of your strength
and know that we Love you
there's no need to give up
you're stronger then an ox
if you use your head
and get outside the paradox
everydays a challenge
but everydays a gift
and every day that you get
is just another day to give
let's change the script
and change your motivation
someone close depends on you
you are their medication
mentally you provide
some sort of motivation
to be a better being
on this earth through its rotation
so keep walking tall
even when you cannot straighten
your back from a fall
show that you are not shaken
from their attempts at all
to stop your inspiration
to change the world
through yourself
by how you act w patience
put down the guns
stop the drive bys
learn to love eachother
no more homicides
no more of this hatred
we see on these streets
no more slanging drugs
that destroys our babies
racism exists for a fact on all sides
you can't point a finger
and turn a blind eye
then demand respect
atleast not from me
your mind is your prison
and you hold the key ccd
I'm talking to police
I'm talking to the Chiefs
I'm talking to the gangs
that run these city these streets
let's learn to work together
and cure this disease
let's learn from our mistakes
let's learn to live in peace


from The Marionette, released September 9, 2020


all rights reserved



KB07(KNOWLEDGEBORN07) O.D.I.O.B.S. South Bend, Indiana

A feast of Friends


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